Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Q5.How did you attract/address your audience?

The way my website attracts my target audience is by using simple colours which are easy on the eye such as green, yellow and light brown. These colours also have simple connotations of nature and happiness. The colours have been chosen also like this to link in with the pictures of the horses which is also another way my website attracts my target audience as the pictures are of horses which a relatively cute. The language used is very easy to read as the target audience is mainly for young girls so we have not put in many big or hard to understand words. This is good as it is also very easy to understand by any type of reader of any age.

The positioning of the pictures and writing have been set out in a conventional style as we did not want to have the reader looking in different places for different information, the links to other pages and websites and labelled clearly so it makes the website more efficient and easier to use. The navigation buttons are fun with a western theme and there are easy to spot and click on for young site visitors.

Other things that i think could attract more people to view my website is different fonts for the titles of pages and for the actual written information. The website also has a picture slide show on its front page which is a conventional look to a charity website as some of them have sliding pictures of what they're charity is about.

I expect the people who visit my website to be happy with the content and information given about the horses and how they can help. It would also please me if the viewers liked the layout and pictures on the website as it was very time consuming and my partner and i think it is aesthetically pleasing.

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