Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Research for campaign site conventions

Through the research into websites, especially charity websites i have noticed that they all follow the same conventions such as their layout and how they are used. This will give make a template on my own website and how i will set up my own website. The conventions on these websites include such things as;

Logo- on all the websites the logo is situated in the top left hand corner of the page, this is a eye-catching part of the page which makes the audience drawn to it. This means it stays in the audience memory and he/she will therefore be able to associate the logo with the cause of the charity. These logos differ from being pictures, letters and words.

Slogan- not many of the websites have a slogan next to their logos. Slogans are used in the website to help the audience remember what the website aims are and helps the audience to remember the website.

Navigation toolbar- This is usually situated along the left hand side under the logo, of all the pages on the website. This is the best place to put the navigation toolbar and it makes looking around the site easy.

Images- the images used in the charities websites all are relevant to what the website and charity is about and their cause. Websites such as the RSPCA show pictures of all healthy looking animals with their stories of the ordeals that they had been through with previous careers.

Colour Schemes- the colours used on all the websites have the same colours as the logos. This is so the audience will remember the website. Usually the donate link is in a standing out colour like yellow to draw the attention of the audience.

Language- the language used in many of the websites similar to mine is descriptive and to the point. It will tell the audience what the charity has done and what it plans to do in the future. The way the websites is worded is informative and persuasive to make the audience feel like they need to donate money to the charity.

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