Sunday, 11 October 2009

Brief for our website

For my main website my partner and i want to do a website which is about a world wide animal charity, similar to the charity RSPCA. We want to do it on a animal based charity as we both have a number of pets of our own and are extremely interested in animals all across the world.

Our target audience for the website is mainly young children as they are at an age where they care about animals and still believe that they can make a difference. The colours used in our website will be bright as it will attract many of our target audience and the pictures will be nice to look at but with a deeper more hard hitting meaning to them, this will hopefully persuade the viewers of the website to make a contribution to our charity. RSPCA: They work by making every thing on their website simple and easy to understand what the charity is and how they help.

The appearance of our site will catch the our target audience's eye straight away with the use of bright colours, pictures and sound. It will be very a very interactive website with the user having to click on pictures, captions and tabs to find out more information about the charity.

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