Monday, 10 May 2010

Survey Results

In the survey that i had done we asked 100 people girls and boys to answer a simple questionaire. The age range of the people who answer my survey where between the ages of 8-16 and where mainly girls.

I found out that 50% of the girls and boys we asked strongly liked horses and 10% watch the Nickelodeon, 40% watch the CBBC and 30% watch others.

23% of the people asked like horses and 60% of this number put down into watching Nickelodeon.

7% of the people who did my survey came back with the answer of ' sort of ' and all of these answer said they use the internet to catch up on missed programs.

20% of people came back with the answer ' definitely not', most of the people that answered this way also lived in built up towns and highly populated areas away from horses and country sides.

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