Friday, 18 September 2009

1.I had not done any media studies before this course. I had chosen media studies for a level as I felt like it would be an interesting experience for me. As I started this course I knew that I would have a lot to catch up on.
2.My perceptions of media studies has not changed as i am still eager to continue with this course, this is because i have always been very interested in the design part of websites and how they are created using media.
3.I think that many things have gone well for in my media studies lessons such as i have learnt about lighting such as the different types of light used for different types or settings.
4.I haven't understood some of the contrast between light and dark such as in the hollyoaks scenes. If i was to ask for something to be done again it would be to have sir re-explain how different scenes can change from light to dark and how i would be able to pick out the key differences such as clothing and scenery.

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